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Re: Fedora Frog - problem solver for Fedora


I choosed the option of installing drivers for ATI, and i went wrong, so i rename again the xorg.conf to my old config.

but when i am booting the system i got

Looking for ATI-FLG kernel module
and an error there.

can you tell where the changes were made please?
so i can back to my old config again?



Raivis Dejus wrote:

I have created GUI script for Fedora called Fedora Frog, that can help
Fedora starters and pros to install programms, plugins and some tweaks
that are usually needed when you start using Linux.  If someone asks
for an easy and quick way to get fedora working this script could be
one of ways to do it.

You can find what Fedora Frog can do and how to get it here:

All comments and/or suggestions are welcome.

Raivis Dejus - aka - orvils
Project Coordinator of Linux Center of University of Latvia
orvils gmail com
+ 371 6457260

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