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Re: update notifier applet for FC5?

nunoauboulot netscape net:
>> Excuse me, why are you replying to my post with a question that has 
>> nothing to do with it???
>> Do you happen to know how to use a mailing list?

David-Paul Niner:
> Maybe it's his first time.  All it takes is hitting the reply-to-all vs.
> the reply key or making some other silly mistake when you're in a rush.
> And maybe you just scared him off from ever posting again, or becoming
> more involved in the project.
> This "ESR" my-life-is-far-too-important-to-be-disrupted-by-your-
> ignorance may very well be hampering the adoption of Linux on the whole.
> Forget about open/proprietary codecs or file formats.

There's a point that seems to be missed about doing this:  When someone
sidetracks a thread, sometimes it can spell the end of it (as it was
intended by the original poster).  The original poster mightn't get
their question answered because readers saw it diverge and abandoned it.
I've seen that happen on many occasions.

nunoauboulot's response was actually quite polite, and only asked two
questions.  If someone had done the same to me in public while I was
discussing something, I'd probably be a bit more forthright in wondering
why they were interrupting with something completely irrelevant, and
asking if they didn't have any manners.

Anyone who took offense to nunoauboulot's response ought to take a good
long hard look at themselves.

The attitude that everyone should make no fuss, at all, about anyone
making a pest of themselves leads to the eventual outcome that no-one
gives a shit.  It becomes a free for all, where the only thing that
actually gets criticised are those who dare to point out that you did
the wrong thing.  To paraphrase someone else, anyone who behaves like
that deserves the society that they'll eventually get.

(Currently running FC4, occasionally trying FC5.)

Don't send private replies to my address, the mailbox is ignored.
I read messages from the public lists.

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