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Re: Will you recommend fedora to a newcomer?

Leon wrote:
Zubin Bharucha <z bharucha iu-bremen de> writes:

Leon wrote:
Dear all,

Lately, I have been bringing my laptop to work in my office in a
Univ. My colleagues are amazed how pretty the os is (I use the default
theme). I have shown them some of the greatest features of linux like
the security issue and the vast of free software that do a better job
than its windows counterpart.

They are interested and want me to help them install linux to their
laptop too. From my experience with FC5 since test1, I am not very
confident. FC5 is great for experienced people who can fix some minor
bugs but it doesn't seems to be a distribution to new users. I would
now recommend them to use SuSE linux but would be good to hear your

FC5 is awesome. What better way to learn to use Linux than fixing a
few bugs every now and then? :D

True. That's the very reason I like linux. However most of the users
just want things to work out of box.

Well, then they're obviously not power users and for someone who needs to simply perform routine tasks such as surfing the web, playing music and checking email, FC5 works pretty well just out of the box.

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