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Re: FC5 mail and localhost

On Sat, 2006-04-15 at 18:26 -0500, J. K. Cliburn wrote:
> On 4/15/06, Gregory P. Ennis <PoMec pomec net> wrote:
> > After a Bunch of goggle searches I found the problem, and thought I
> > would post it here to make sure the thread is complete.
> >
> > I had an entry in the host.deny file of ALL:ALL which excluded localhost
> > permissions to use sendmail.  I am not sure why this has occurred on FC5
> > but not FC4, but at least the problem is now resolved.
> What did you set hosts.allow and hosts.deny to in order to solve your problem?
> Thanks,
> Jay


I had the entry ALL:ALL in hosts.deny so that everything would be
restricted except for what is allowed in hosts.allow.  All I did was to
erase the ALL:ALL in the hosts.deny file so that in effect it is empty.

I plan to do some more work with this before I am finished.  I do not
understand why that made a difference because I had localhost
unrestricted in hosts.allow as well as all sendmail unrestriced in
hosts.allow  ie

hosts.allow ->
ALL: localhost : allow
sendmail: ALL: allow

This is the same setup I used for FC4, FC3, and FC1 and I did not have
the problem.  

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