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Re: Will you recommend fedora to a newcomer?

Jacques B. wrote:
> On 4/15/06, Tim <ignored_mailbox yahoo com au> wrote:
>> Not a problem unique to Linux, though.  I've seen plenty of Windows
>> users who've just got used to <something> crashing while they're using
>> it, or they just give up using it.
> No question it's not unique to Linux.  But there is no arguing that MS
> Windows is more user friendly than most (if not all) Linux distros
> when it comes to installing applications, plugins, mounting drives,
> etc.  Can a Linux distro be made to be nearly as user friendly?  Most
> likely it can (and yes I realize useability and security are at
> opposite ends of the spectrum so a more user friendly OS is typically
> less secure because it's designed to remove decision making from the
> user and manage it through the OS and the application trying to
> install itself - but that's not the issue being discussed here).  But
> at the end of the day Win32 developers have an easy task of creating
> an install routine to automate installing their application for end
> users because of a common environment among the users.  Linux poses
> more of a challenge to a developer because of the various distros with
> differing packages installed (so some may lack dependencies that an
> application would require), different kernels, different folder
> structures - all which can impact a seemless install.  Hence why they
> (MS) can develop a more user-friendly environment.
> I'm not trying to advocate MS Windows over Linux.  Simply pointing out
> the obvious that must be considered as it relates to the original
> question.  MS Windows is easier than Linux for end users who want a
> point and click OS that automates just about everything for them.  So
> if you are dealing with that level of user it becomes even more
> important to find just the right distro that best meets the user's
> daily requirements.  Otherwise you'll quickly lose that user.
> I use both OS.  I rarely face a challenge when trying to install
> something in MS Windows, or when a browser plugin tries to
> auto-install itself.  I can't say the same for Linux.  That doesn't
> mean MS Windows is better.  We are talking purely user friendliness,
> the feature being sought by the original poster for a Linux distro.
> Jacques B.

jacques, you are a very well-spoken person.  thanks for taking the time
to think about what you've written here.  oh, and by the way, i agree
with you.


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