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Re: Can anyone explain the use of init3

Javier Perez wrote:
Init 3 usually starts linux in a non-graphical environment
It is very useful to troubleshoot X problems. Javier

On 4/16/06, *sujit sugathan* <sujitsugathan2002 gmail com <mailto:sujitsugathan2002 gmail com>> wrote:

    Hi everyone
    I've this question nagging me for sometime.Can anyone explain to
    me how and why the command init3 is used.
-- sujit

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This is to use runlevel 3. There are five main runlevels used:
Runlevel 0: Shuts down. Not very useful to boot into.
Runlevel 1: Single-user mode, you are automatically root user (hence why if someone has physical access to a computer and can edit the boot arguments, they can change the root password)
Runlevel 3: Text multi-user mode
Runlevel 5: Graphical multi-user mode; default, and most people use this.
Runlevel 6: Restarts. Again, not very useful to boot into.

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