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[OT] But important to me. Appropiate Mailing Lists ??


I am moving into a post newbie stage of my Linux experience and I would
like to find a friendly mailing list that will happily handle Linux
kernel, my operating system questions and an occasional 'C' question.
Some questions would be fairly deep others would reveal me as a newbie.

For example;

How does my BIOS at boot time know where other BIOSes like my video BIOS

What in addressing distinguishes a main memory location from a video
memory location?  How are the various registers in the CPU, my Intel
Memory Controller Hub, my Intel I/O Controller Hub distinguished by the

How does BASH work?  (I don't mean how do I use the command line; I mean
that in the same way that I can read manuals on how gcc analyzes,
parses, links and assembles binary executables, how does an interpreter
work (a shell) work?)

etc. ...

Please I am not asking for answers to the above example questions here.

I am asking, has anyone on this Fedora list had a good experience with a
list that helped newbies move to being a guru?  A newru, or perhaps a
gubie, list?

All suggestions of such lists you might have will be tried.

Regards Bill

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