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FC5 mounting issue with cdrom, dvd and usb memory stick.

I have noticed in previous messages to the list that mounting of these devices
has changed with FC5. This has for me turned out to be a complete mystery. I
went from FC3 to FC5 doing a complete new install. Like on FC3 I installed
xine/gxine so that I could continue to play my audio cd's and show my dvd
movies. However, I have not been able to set it up like I had it on FC3.

From previous messages I learn that cd's and dvd's are mounted on
/media/{volume.name} but when I insert my cd's the only thing I see is a desktop
icon named "Audio Disc" and there is no mounting on /media and I have no way of
playing my cd's. When I insert a dvd the desktop icon is called "DVD-ROM Disc"
and likewise no /media mount. I am, however, able to play my movies using the
command line: gxine dvd:/ but I can't get xine to recognise the audio cd's.

I've mentioned the usb memory stick as another example. Because here the stick
*is* mounted on /media and I have full access to whatever is on the stick.

What can be the reason for the missing mounts af the dvd and cdroms? If I double
click on the desktop icons I get a window titled "CD/DVD Creator" which is of no use at all.

Erik P. Olsen.

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