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Re: Will you recommend fedora to a newcomer?

Alex F. Evonosky wrote:
On Sun, 2006-04-16 at 09:23 -0500, Jimmy Montague wrote:

That's so simply because, with home users, any distro is garbage if it can't detect and use Windoze hardware. Xandros fails for me because it can't use my ($240) label printer. FC5 fails for me because it can't detect my ($150) US Robotics voice-data-fax modem.

Every modem I had had been Serial based, none of the Windows "Winmodems", all worked fine.

If you are using a "winmodem", its not FC5 fault that it could not detect it, but rather the vendor will not release chip specs to anyone other than M$. There have been some reverse engineering work in the realm, but if the vendor will not realase specs, then building a module for it is kinda rough. Using a Serial external modem will work with no hitch.


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It's not a winmodem. It's a hardware modem. Xandros an other Linux distros detected the modem during install. It's capable of serial-port or USB. I had it hooked to a serial port for years, but FC5 couldn't find it there. Now I've hooked it to a USB port and FC% still couldn't find it during install. I had to use the command line to detect it. The OS now detects it, but still won't use it. We're working the problem on another thread -- "modem blues" -- which see.


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