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RE: I give up on x86-64, its too busted.

Running FC5 x86_64 here on a Turion ML-34 HP-L2000cu w/synaptics touchpad

Installed perfectly 1st time no command line or other boot options required,
used partitionmagic to partition out the disk, (ie: shrink the winxp
partition) I even have the broadcomm onboard wireless up and going, only one
thing left to fix the fglrx drivers for the 200m igp

So not exactly sure what is causing all of your problems.
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What in hell does it take to actually install the x86-64 version of FC5 
on an hp lappy?

I go thru the disk partitioning several times, finally manageing to 
convince ntfs that it only can use 30GB of the disk.  Then it takes a 
chant like some black magic spell (linux noapic noapci irqpoll 
pci=assign-busses lapic) to even get it to boot, and test, the install 
dvd.  The media test was successfull FWIW, apparently not much.

I get thru the prelims ok, but fighting with a synaptics touch pad with 
a gain of about 70 million (1/4" of motion is off-screen in any 
direction, any touch is a double-tap unless holding the left button 
down already), and checkmark the other two boxes on the what do I 
install screen, click ok and go take a nap.  10 minutes later I decide 
its time for a bowl of cherrios & when I get back in here, the screen 
is telling me the media is bad or we have a bug.

It cannot open the file 'setup-2.5.49-1.noarch'!  Now as thats a pretty 
important file for the whole install process, I don't find this at all 
encouraging.  Upsetting even...

So what am I supposed to do here folks, install the i386 version?  Thats 
NOT what I bought an amd64 equipt box for.  And I've got about another 
10 days to sort this, load it up and drive 1000 miles for a couple of 

Cheers, Gene
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