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Re: I give up on x86-64, its too busted.

On Sun, 16 Apr 2006, Gene Heskett wrote:

Humm, I now have installed the 386 version of FC5, but I told it to put
grub in the 1st sector of /dev/hda2, the partition named /boot.

But there's no choice of booting anything but XP.  I guess this means I
have to install it in the mbr of /dev/hda?

In which case how do I install it, and whats the magic spell to put into
grub.conf so I have a choice of what to boot?

Running the rescue cd, and cd'd to /mnt/sysimage, with a shell, a
"usr/local/sbin/grub-install /dev/hda"  gets me a message that it can't
find grub in sbin.  Of course its not there, if booted normally it
would be in /usr/sbin.

Obviously there's something I'm doing wrong in trying to protect the XP
install, but how can I fix it and boot the just installed i386 version
of FC5?  I'd druther not have to go all the way thru another install
just to move the grub stuff into the MBR.

You are fine with GRUB in /dev/hda2.  Now boot with a rescue disk and run
'fdisk /dev/hda' Then enter 'a' to toggle the boot flag and then '2' to make /dev/hda2 bootable, then 'w' to write the partition table, then reboot.

Do *NOT* use the Windows disk manager to toggle the bootable flag! Every time I tried that with Win2K, it would blow away my entire partition table.

I always thought it would be nice if when you selected /boot's partition for GRUB, the installer would make it bootable, but when I bugzilla'd the request it was shot down.

		Matthew Saltzman

Clemson University Math Sciences
mjs AT clemson DOT edu

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