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Re: partition management in linux

on 04/17/2006 07:53 AM Aaron Konstam wrote:

Well this seems like a job for a backup system. Yoi don't say what the
sizes of the partitions are nor whether emply menas of size reated thasn
zero but without contents.

this is 200GB drive.
vfat partition size is 32Gb (the maximum windows is capable to work with).
ext3 is the rest. And the latter one is ~80% full.

Anyway the obvious thing to do if your drive is of manageable size ( 1
terabyte for example) is to backup the data in the ext3 partition ,
repartition and bring the data back. But that ios so obvious I assume
your ext3 partition is humongous. Is that true?
it is not that large, as you can see, but I dont have that much free space on any other drive currently. Backuping the data on DVD will be the waste of time.

  Another option is to reformat the fat32 partition to be ext3 and then
parted might work,
Can you be more specific here? You mean parted will handle that job if the other partition will be ext3 as well? Why would it be so?

Out of curiosity how did you get a disk with only extended partitions?

the drive served as an external storage before. It was installed in usb-enclosure. I didn't see the point to have a primary partition since it wasn't meant to be bootable. The vfat partitions was for there compatibility with MS OS`s.

Oleksandr Korneta

/The nice thing about standards is that there are so many to choose from./

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