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Re: fedora and firefox + realplayer 10 smil streams @ 99%cpu

Skunk Worx wrote:
David Timms wrote:
Skunk Worx wrote:
I am using FC5 and firefox. I keep it yum updated.
Can't find that link at all: need more info to try to confirm... Can you describe the link position in millimetres from top and left ?

There is a button-shaped, red icon with text "Listen", with a little graphic of a speaker. When that gets clicked, firefox downloads a SMIL file to /tmp. Hovering the mouse over the icon shows :

javascript:getMedia('ME', '20-Mar-2006', '6', 'RM,WM');
...in the lower left of FF.
OK, yes, the first time I get a popup with do you want it in real or windows media format.

If I then choose Real, I get a dialog asking if I want to open in Helix (which then says it cant play real), or save to disk. On save to disk, it does it's thing (2k .smil file with the stream info) (note I have set firefox to always ask *where* to save, so I chose the desktop).

Mine is still doing it...I can duplicate this at will, just by trying a few times.
During opening or download I did not see firefox even near 100% cpu. I know that flash is particular bad at hogging all cpu while it initializes (eg 5 seconds) - perhaps real is similar; this should only happen the first time needing the plugin after a firefox restart.

I am seeing this on many sites, many file types. Other stories on NPR do this as well. Always the situation where I am clicking on helper-application related content.

Now that I have RealPlayer 10 installed (and the requisite libstdc++-33), I notice that the hang occurs when retrieving the SMIL.
I do not have any real player installed, so that may be why I don't see what your seeing.

Once the SMIL is in downloads, I can open it every time, instantly.
:) is is worth a listen ?


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