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Re: fc4 crashes on heavy overload

alan wrote:
On Mon, 17 Apr 2006, Vaishak Belle wrote:

Hello all,
I seem to have a little problem with my fc4 for sometime now. The system runs good for sometime but when under heavy load ( couple of browser windows in one desktop, xmms in another etc.), it crashes. Mouse stops responding, wireless fails and refuses to reactivate etc. Its renderred completely useless! I initially presumsed it was the Gnome crashing but i have been using kde for sometime and the problem persists.
Any ideas ?

Run memtest86 (www.memtest86.com) and see if your memory is failing. It could be high enough up that it takes a few programs getting loaded for you to hit that point.

I think there is also a package to add it to the boot menu. I have not tried that though.

Memetest86 will require a reboot, but since you are crashing anyways...

If you install memtest86+ from core (I think), then run /usr/sbin/memtest-setup as root, it will add the memtest86+ option to GRUB. You really should run that for a few hours, just in case. The other things I'd look at is the heat on each of your components (CPU and vid card mainly) and reseat the memory.

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