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Re: yum: Missing Dependency libpisock.so.8()(64bit)

Known Issue


On 4/18/06, yonas abraham < yonas erimp3 com> wrote:
Richard Emberson wrote:
> I've got FC5 installed on a x86_64 system. Running 'yum -y update'
> today resulted in a list of some 30 to 50 pacakges to be
> updated and the error message:
> --> Running transaction check
> --> Processing Dependency: libpisock.so.8()(64bit) for package: evolution
> --> Finished Dependency Resolution
> Error: Missing Dependency: libpisock.so.8()(64bit) is needed by
> package evolution
> On my system there is:
> > locate libpisock
> /usr/lib64/libpisock.a
> /usr/lib64/libpisock.so
> /usr/lib64/libpisock.so.9
> /usr/lib64/libpisock.so.9.0.0
> so is this just a build problem in the yum update repositories?
same for me for an i386 architecture.

Yonas Abraham, PhD
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