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Re: Problem with multi-aliases network interfaces

Please help!!!

Samuel Díaz García escribió:
Distro: FC5

My network devices:
   eth1: ipw2200 (intel 2915 abg wifi).
   eth0: tg3 (broadcom gigabit etherner).

I'm using static ip's in all ifaces, and wpa_supplicant over eth1.

The problem is:

   a) only eth1 and eth0 configured with static ip's don't have problems.
b) when add more ips over eth0, as eth0:1, eth0:2, etc... with IPs over diferent IP subnetworks, the "network" init script appear to forgot the type of eth0 ifaces and when "service network restart" or when rebooting computer, my eth0 iface (and eth0:1 and so on) are lost.

I think that the problem were system-config-network app (that appears to be some problems with aliases and naming/saving new ifaces data), but manually revised and corrected ifcfg-eth0?? files (after adding them with system-config-network) and rebooting, the network script appears to think that eth0 (tg3 driver) is a wireless device and try to assign the wifi info (and I think is a bit confused the initialization of eth0:1 with the iface eth1).

A think anything were broken on last initscripts package update.

More info:
a) eth0:? are marked as dependant on eth0, as they go up when eth0 go up.
   b) I have configured wpa_supplicant over eth1 and eth1 is working fine.

Any patch/help to apply over the last "network" init script?


   Samuel Díaz García
    Director Gerente
ArcosCom Wireless, S.L.L.

CIF: B11828068
c/ Romero Gago, 19
Arcos de la Frontera
11630 - Cadiz


mailto:samueldg arcoscom com
msn: samueldg arcoscom com

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