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Re: FC5 + new gnome terminal goes to background

Ingemar Nilsson wrote:
Ron Yorston <rmy tigress co uk> writes:

It's not something I'd ever want, but there are people out there who
never want new windows to take focus from the one they're working in.

I'd say that applies to "unsolicited" windows, that open even if I did not
request them. An example is the Gaim conversation window, which opens when
somebody sends you a message. If I'm typing into another window and it
steals my focus, I'll be disrupted and irritated. Windows that I request to
be opened, e.g. by starting an application or selecting a menu entry (that
leads to a dialog box) in an open application, should IMO get the focus.

I'm not sure how the window manager can identify these "unsolicited"
windows though.

I actually like the new behaviour. When working on a slower machine, it can take a long time for windows of a big application to appear. In the meantime, I like to get on with other things and I don't like having the focus stolen from me when the big app eventually turns up.


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