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Information and/or Suggestiong needed

The company I work for just opened a new office a blocks down the street (read: 1.5 miles.) We have a dual T1 at our main location, and a single T1 at the second location. This was discussed and planned months ago, each T1 goes to our ISP, separate subnets, no connection between our offices.

Of course, today I'm presented with the question: what would it take to link the two offices together? Would've been so nice to have known this BEFORE we installed the second T1 as I would've done it differently (more of a peer-to-peer link between the buildings.)

Anyway, so the setup as it stands is, T1 here and T1 there. Each with their own subnet (completely different range as well.) Both locations have a Fedora machine with iptables acting as a firewall for the internal networks. In order for us to transfer data from one location to the other, the information is essentially being dumped onto the big ole Internet and sent out (or received at the other end.) What they want to know now is if there's anyway to link the locations together and possibly speed up the transfer of data, just between the locations (while still retaining the setup as it stands right now, without incurring the cost of yet another link, just between the buildings.)

Is this even a feasible thing to do, at this point in the game? And if so, I'm open for suggestions.

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