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Re: .Net & C#

On Thu, 2006-04-20 at 10:29 +0800, Ed Greshko wrote:
> Steven Pasternak wrote:
> > Ed Greshko wrote:
> >> Ali Helmy wrote:
> >>  
> >>> Hey mates,
> >>>
> >>> Being in Microsoft's Imagine Cup - Project Hoshimi, I have to use C# &
> >>> Visual Studio .Net, which forces me to keep WinXP on my other pc... is
> >>> there someway I could operate these on my local FC machine?
> >>>
> >>> I have wine installed, so is there someway I can find a C# [.Net] IDE?
> >>>     
> >>
> >> Why not run Vmware or Xen and XP as the guest.  They you can run your M$
> >> stuff in a Virtual machine on your FC HW.
> >>
> >>   
> > I suggest using Qemu. It is free and REALLY fast. To have improved speed
> > (needed for XP), though, you need to compile it with kqemu support.
> > http://fabrice.bellard.free.fr/qemu
> FWIW, both Xen and VMware are free....and fast...and have great
> community support.  Been using VMware for 5 years now...even before it
> was free.
> What's nice is that VMware is more then an emulator.  You run the entire
> guest OS as if it were on its own system.  And, you can take snapshots
> of your running guest.  That way when you mess up an install of an
> application your can *really* uninstall it.

Be aware that:
A. VMWare server is still beta (Beta 2 was released two weeks ago) but
it's reasonably stable.
B. Running Windows on Xen requires either: 1. Modified (or should I say,
Xenified) version of the Windows kernel (which you might have access
to ;)) or 2. VT capable hardware. (Currently, only a limited number of
Intel CPUs are VT enabled; AMD VT core are to be released within Q2).

In short, VMWare Beta is the best option.


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