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Re: Information and/or Suggestiong needed

On Thu, Apr 20, 2006 at 03:38:22PM +0700, Fajar Priyanto wrote:

> >     Anyway, so the setup as it stands is, T1 here and T1 there.  Each
> > with their own subnet (completely different range as well.)  Both
> > locations have a Fedora machine with iptables acting as a firewall for
> > the internal networks.  In order for us to transfer data from one

If that machine is not a dedicated firewall, I strongly suggest
to use it a dedicated firewall. I would also suggest to not use
Fedora (fine desktop system that it is) but to use e.g. a m0n0wall
or pfsense. Notice that you will peak at about 50 MBit/s with a
soekris or a wrap hardware, so you might just recycle your existing
dedicated firewall PC by installing m0n0wall or pfsense on an USB
stick and boot from there.

m0n0walll to m0n0wall IPsec tunnels are ridiculously simple to
set up.

> > location to the other, the information is essentially being dumped onto
> > the big ole Internet and sent out (or received at the other end.)  What
> > they want to know now is if there's anyway to link the locations
> > together and possibly speed up the transfer of data, just between the
> > locations (while still retaining the setup as it stands right now,
> > without incurring the cost of yet another link, just between the
> > buildings.)
> >
> >     Is this even a feasible thing to do, at this point in the game?  And
> > if so, I'm open for suggestions.
> If the two link has Public IP, you can create a VPN server, thus allowing a 
> secure tunnel through the internet for those locations.

Yes, OpenVPN is your friend. Much easier to get to work than an IPsec
tunnel (unless it's m0n02m0n0).
> However I haven't tried it. Pls research more for VPN.

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