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Re: FC5 64 bit kernel source - Where to find

Stephen Liu wrote:
Hi folks,


PC always hangs after connecting broadband.  Disabling onboard LAN
using NIC instead can reduce the problem, but not permanently.  PC hung
occasionally.  If without broadband connection the problem seemed gone.

There is a known issue to ASUS of the nVidia chips mentioned on the
manual of the motherboard. Linux drivers for rectifying the problem are
on the CD supplied. I tried installing the chip drivers and it required
recompiling the kernel requesting for kernel source. I can't find
kernel-source on the installing DVD. Neither I was able to
download/install it with "yum" because the hanging of PC.

Please advise what is the exact name of kernel source, kernel version
2.6.15..... TIA

Full kernel source isn't usually necessary for compiling drivers; the kernel-devel package should be sufficient.

If you really do need the full kernel source, you'll have to download it because it's not on the binaries DVD. You'll need the kernel .src.rpm from the SRPMS directory.


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