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Re: partition management in linux - [solved]

on 04/16/2006 07:52 PM oleksandr korneta wrote:

I got an additional harddrive installed in my machine.

The drive is split into two partitions.

hdb5 fat32 empty
hdb6 ext3 ~80% full

both are created inside the extended partition so they are secondary partitions. The goal is to delete the fat32 partition and extend the ext3 partition to the whole drive without losing the data. There is no way for me to backup this data - it is 200Gb drive. Neither gparted nor qtparted cannot handle this task (I assume these are based on the same lib). Presumably, parted will fail as well.

Is there any tool for linux (preferably opensource) that is capable of accomplishing of this task?
since apparently no opensource piece of software is capable of accomplishing this task, I utilized proprietary tool. Acronis Disk Director from their Rescue CD did a good job. Now I have a single ext3 partition and no data is lost. More than that, after resizing, the new partition doesn't contain any errors (checked by fsck.ext3) as it usually happens after using the Powerquest Partition Magic software.

I'm kind of satisfied, but there is the feeling that we are missing something.


Oleksandr Korneta

/The nice thing about standards is that there are so many to choose from./

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