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Re: fc4 install with /usr as read only

list user wrote:
Hi all,

Still experimenting with xen and lvm on fc4.

I've created a mount point, /usr, that is read only, thinking more than one xen domain could use it.

Even though I've never used it this way, I always (mistakenly?) thought that /usr could be read only. I've been turning off most services one by one, and keep making it further, but have yet to successfully boot completely.

Rather than a clean install, I created it with lvcreate vg0/usr, mkfs.ext3, mount vg0/usr /mnt, cp -a /usr /mnt, then edited fstab to create a /usr mount with standard defaults except rw as ro.

I'm not convinced yet that that was the correct way to do this, or whether my original assumption that /usr could exist as a "read only" directory was correct.

Yes, /usr can be read-only.  That's how my systems normally run.
I do see a problem with your "cp -a /usr /mnt" command.  That's going
to create a directory /mnt/usr, and when you try to mount that
filesystem on /usr your original /usr directory tree will now be in
/usr/usr and that will break just about everything.

Try "cd /usr; cp -a . /mnt" instead.

Bob Nichols         Yes, "NOSPAM" is really part of my email address.

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