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Re: Problem with 64bit Firefox and Thuderbird exiting

On 4/21/06, David W. Florence <dwflo comcast net> wrote:
> Hope someone can help.
> Having this recurring problem with Firefox and Thunderbird exiting when
> clicking on some URL referrals. Some sites will not display, the
> applications will exit without any errors. Examples are planetamd64.com,
> freashmeat.org and Fox News Gretawire.
> Have posted a thread on the FedoraForum site, but no helpful replies.
> Searched Bugzilla, but nothing there. Have installed all the latest
> updates available, deleted profiles, did a fresh install of FC5 64bit,
> you name it, I have done it!
> Any help would be appreciated.
> Thanks
> Dave

1. Are you running x86_64?

2. If x86_64 you need to run the 32-bit version of Firefox because
64-bit plugins are lacking.

3. What JRE and other plugins have you got installed?

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