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Re: postscript

brouwers roland lx wrote:

What do I want to do?
Print a worddoc(Microsoft or openoffice) to a printer that will produce
a ps, which has to be transformed to a pdf file, which will be send by
email, as an attachment.

I am searching the internet for days now, to find a way to produce a
postscript file, without printing to a printer. This file can be
transformed to pdf with ps2pdf.

Or is there another way?

Actually I want to configure a small linux installation, where every
workstation, on the network, can send a file to a specified directory.
Some program will pick up everyone of these files, produce a pdf and
send it to an emailaddress as an attachment. You could think of this
installation as a black-box(in: anydoc out:email-with-pdf-attachment)

Thank for help

Roland Brouwers
C.A.T. bvba
roland cat be

try wvware.sourceforge.net. I have used the wvPS to convert from word to postscript from the command line. The package comes with several utilities like wvPDF, wvLatex etc.

I hope this will help

Yonas Abraham, PhD
Registered Linux user number 407343 http://counter.li.org
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