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Re: postscript

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On 21 Apr 2006 at 21:45, brouwers roland lx wrote:

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Subject:        	postscript
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> Hello,
> What do I want to do?
> Print a worddoc(Microsoft or openoffice) to a printer that will produce
> a ps, which has to be transformed to a pdf file, which will be send by
> email, as an attachment.

Is there a reason you don't just use the export option to export to pdf on the 
file menu?

Or on the send option on the File menu, there is an option to send document 
as a pdf attachment? I use it occassionally on my windows system with 
OOO, also did the same with WordPerfect, but it required a special macro to 
do the publisth to PDF then envoke the email program.

> I am searching the internet for days now, to find a way to produce a
> postscript file, without printing to a printer. This file can be
> transformed to pdf with ps2pdf.
> Or is there another way?
> Actually I want to configure a small linux installation, where every
> workstation, on the network, can send a file to a specified directory.
> Some program will pick up everyone of these files, produce a pdf and
> send it to an emailaddress as an attachment. You could think of this
> installation as a black-box(in: anydoc out:email-with-pdf-attachment)
> Thank for help
> Roland Brouwers
> C.A.T. bvba
> Antwerp-Belgium
> roland cat be
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