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Re: Problem with 64bit Firefox and Thuderbird exiting

David G. Miller wrote:
"David W. Florence" <dwflo comcast net> wrote:

Hope someone can help.
Having this recurring problem with Firefox and Thunderbird exiting when clicking on some URL referrals. Some sites will not display, the applications will exit without any errors. Examples are planetamd64.com, freashmeat.org and Fox News Gretawire. Have posted a thread on the FedoraForum site, but no helpful replies. Searched Bugzilla, but nothing there. Have installed all the latest updates available, deleted profiles, did a fresh install of FC5 64bit, you name it, I have done it!
Any help would be appreciated.


Not seeing that on my laptop (single core AMD 64) running FC4 x86_64 (just updated to today's kernel) with 64 bit versions of Firefox and Thunderbird. All sites loaded correctly assuming you meant freshmeat.net. Any chance that this is a browser plug-in problem. I consider it a feature not to have flash installed.


Thanks Dave,

There is a flash plugin and the library, available from Livna. But it does not solve the problem.


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