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Re: [Solved - of sorts] CUPS printing problems

On Saturday 22 April 2006 08:05, Anne Wilson wrote:
>On Saturday 22 April 2006 13:11, Aaron Konstam wrote:
>> Well this is RTFM time. This is the way cups works fpr networked
>> printing. All printers are configured on the server. Then in the
>> file /etc/cups/client.conf on the line ServerName you place the name
>> of the server. No printer configuration is done on the clients.
>> This is all that is needed if we are talking about networked
>> printers that are not locally attached to any machine. One does not
>> do remote printer configuration with the web interface. If all the
>> clients are on the same LAN you don't even need the line in the
>> clients.conf file.
>In my case there is a single printer attached by usb to a server box. 
> Three instances are defined, each with a different setup, for
> different purposes. On the client boxes I simply put in the
> server-name line.  Nothing else has every been necessary.  Of course
> if FC5 does something differently, ymmv.

I've used it that way twice so far.  The first time I canceled it 
because it didn't find all the printer profiles & waiting didn't seem 
to help.  On the restart they were all there.  The second time it 
printed multiple copies and I apparently had to kill the job on the 
server to keep it from printing a few more.  But by then eggcups had 
thrown a segfault or something.  The crash catcher seemed to work and I 
sent in the report it captured.  But in fairness to eggcups, yum may 
have changed something out from under it as yum was doing an update at 
the time the print job was kicked off.  The print job?  Other than 3 
copies, was just fine.

And like Arron Konstam said, don't ever touch a working printer setup 
with system-config-printer, you'll have to delete that profile from the 
localhost:631 interface and re-create it again.  BTDT, EBTTS.


Cheers, Gene
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