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Re: USB thumb drive questio

On Saturday 22 April 2006 16:43, Stephen Liu wrote:
> Hi Marc,
> > mine is in /media/disk and fc5 mounted it automatically.
> On FC3 it is mounted automatically, with its icon displayed on desktop.
>  But my FC5_64 nothing was displayed on desktop.
> # mount /dev/sdb /mnt (or /media)
> # mount /dev/sdc /mnt (or /media)
> # mount /dev/sdd etc.
> can't mount the thumb drive.  Neither is there an enty on /etc/fstab.
> The thumb drive was locked, the LED light glowing and then off.  But I
> can't find it.
Stephen, first check whether it is already mounted under /media.  Look 
carefully, as it may appear as just another hard drive.

If it definitely isn't there, run 'fdisk -l' to see what name it has been 
given (sda, or whatever) then mount that under /media.  You may have to do 
that as root, with obvious problems.  If you can do that, I'm sure someone 
will be able to tell you what to do to get user access to it.


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