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Re: Can't connect to port 25 from another system

Gbenga Shobowale wrote:

> I know you would say you have tried this but I think you should check Iptables
> stop the service and then also don't let Iptables start on reboot
> chkconfig --level 5 iptables off
> then test again...
> I just want to be sure its not Iptable..from all you have said it
> should be working also if you can post the log files

Everything is working now.  As you expected, I had checked iptables and
turned it off (including making sure it would not start again when I
rebooted).  It turns out that the problem was the domain's MX record was
missing from the public DNS server that hosts the domain.  Mail was
working inside my LAN because I have my own private DNS server that had
been correctly configured.

The moral of the story is never forget to check DNS when troubleshooting
a connectivity problem.

Thanks very much for your time and helpfulness.


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