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Re: USB thumb drive questio

1.   To check and start and stop automount:  system-> administration -> services -> autofs

2.  Are you running the strict selinux?  If so (anyone) doesn't that have everything locked down like this? 

3.  No comprendo regarding the FC3 reference.  A lot of things mounted automatically around that time.  SELinux didn't enter my world anyway until recently.

4.  Maybe as a test, you could disable SELinux and see if you can get it to automount.  If you can, then at least you know what's interfering.  Since you tried two thumbdrives that tends to validate selinux as a possible culprit. 

5.  It doesn't sound like there is anything physically wrong with the disk since you have the same problem with 2 usb thumb/pen type drives.  For TS purposes only I would recommend temporarily removing all other usb devices until you can get this handled.


On 4/22/06, Stephen Liu <satimis yahoo com> wrote:
Hi Marc,

> Make sure the automounter daemon is running in the services gui.
> Start and
> stop that service and see if it allows it to mount.

How to check it?  Tks.

> Can you post the output of the 'mount' command?

# mount /dev/hda /mnt
mount: special device /dev/hda does not exist
# mount /dev/hdb /mnt
mount: special device /dev/hdb does not exist
# mount /dev/hdc /mnt
mount: No medium found

# umount /mnt/
umount: /mnt/: not mounted

> Are you running
> SELinux?

> Also try
> ps -ef | grep usb

# ps -ef | grep usb
root      6867  2763  0 00:27 pts/4    00:00:00 grep usb

> No brainer, but I am
> assuming you have no other devices plugged in at the moment.

only a wireless device for the wireless mouse.

> Also, is this the only usb device that has a problem?

No, I tried 2 thumb drives.  They can be mounted automatically on FC3.


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