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Fedorawiki password

When resetting my password from the Fedora Wiki site, I got a message containing the following info (changed for privacy):

"ID: 9999999999.99.99999
Name: <myname>
Password: {SHA}<some-indecypherable-code> Login URL: http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/?action=userform&amp;uid=9999999999.99.99999

Now, using the last line I can logon fine. However, I am not able to change my password, because I still don't know the old password: the SHA-encrypted line does not help, or does it?

I already tried using the SHA password, but that did not work (tried with and without the SHA tied to it).

Does any one of you guys know how to use the SHA-encrypted password to get my old password back? Or reset it to get a new password (for which using UserPreferences I need the old password in normal text).


A.J. Bonnema, Leiden The Netherlands,
user #328198 (Linux Counter http://counter.li.org)

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