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Re: dump/restore and SElinux security context problem

On Sun, Apr 23, 2006 at 05:53:55AM +0200, A.J. Bonnema wrote:
> >How do I get this same result (files completely restored, along with
> >their extended attributes) while using the rescue CD?
> >
> >  
> Hi Kayvan,

Hi Guus, thanks for responding!

> Interesting problem. Why is it important that you use the rescue CD?
> Why can't you just do a fresh install of FC5 and then do a restore?

I don't want to do a fresh install, because I don't want to go through
the work of fixing up all the packages and configuration files afterwards. 

I want to be able to restore the FC4 system as it was, then do an upgrade
to FC5.

Also, being able to restore a system in this fashion means that I
have a complete system backup that I can just pop onto the machine
and run.

> If you use the install procedure, can't you resize partitions and format 
> new filesystems and then, from the running FC5-system do a restore?

I need to restore the root filesystem, which I can not do on a running

Does this all make sense?


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