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Re: A question on installing - FC5 32bit and M$Win2000

On 4/23/06, Matthew Saltzman <mjs ces clemson edu> wrote:
> >
> > 1) installing Win2000 first OR FC5_32 first
> Installing Win2K first is recommended, although the other way around is
> also possible.  Note that Win's boot disk and /boot must be primary
> partitions.

To add, a /boot partition is not required. Linux can boot from either
a primary partition or a logical partition.

> > 2) would their installation affect each another, i.e. the latter
> > install OS will influence the first OS already installed.
> The only thing you really need to worry about is the MBR.  What I do on
> dual-boot machines is install the Linux boot loader in the boot record of
> the /boot partition.  After the install and before first boot, I use the
> rescue disk to run fdisk and make /boot the active partition.  That way,
> the disk's MBR is always under Windows's control, and the two OS's don't
> have to fight about it.

Or an alternative is to use the NT boot loader (NTLDR).

ps. Don't forget about your SWAP partition.


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