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Dillo 0.8.5-2.fc5 suddenly having problems as default browser under FC5

Followups set to gmane.comp.web.dillo.devel

Dillo 0.8.5-2.fc5 has long been my default -- both in the preference
settings for Fedora 4 and now 5, and in the preferences for Pan

It seems to've gotten some major changes lately -- possibly through a
yum nightly, more likely because of some change I've made in its options,
such as telling it my own colors for links visited and unvisited, etc.

It worked fine with Pine (either on my own machine, or Pine on a
remote machine running under ssh) in which I command "open link" -- for a
while longer than in Pan.  

But Dillo as the default has suddenly (in the last day or so) taken
to coming up with only a tiny window, and telling me "ERROR: unable to
connect to remote host" in the left bottom corner.

I have tried changing the preferences to something else, and back; no joy.

If I open Dillo from its icon in the browser drawer on my panel, it tells
me "Welcome to Dillo 0.8.5-i18n-misc" -- but rpm -q dillo says
dillo-0.8.5-2.fc5. If I type or paste a URL into the location on Dillo as
opened from the icon, I also get the error message.

(It used to work fine on complete URLs -- ones including "http://"; It
failed to accept ones showing only "www.<whatever>" but would get them if
I opened Dillo and typed or pasted the "www.<whatever> into it and hit
enter. Now it fails both ways, with and without the full URL.)

Pan still gets other browsers to find its links, if I make the change in
its Edit > Preferences > Apps & Mail; Pine does if I change system

Would changing color coding affect ability to browse?? Is FC5 suddenly
having troubles passing URLs to Dillo that it didn't have before??

Beartooth Staffwright, Wordcrafty Squirreler
FC5; Pine 4.64, Pan; Privoxy 3.0.3; CXO 5.0.1
Dillo 0.8.5, Opera 8.54, Firefox 1.5, Galeon 2.0.1
Remember I have little idea what I am talking about.

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