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Re: FC5 Canon LiDE 30 and libusbscanner

Rick Stevens wrote:
On Mon, 2006-04-24 at 13:49 -0400, CroombeFP wrote:
I have an LiDE20 (which is virtually the same machine) and it worked
fine under FC3, FC4 and FC5. I think the clue is to have it connected to
your system when you install FC5. I also found it helps to have it on a
dedicated USB port rather than a port expander : quite why, I don't

Often it's a speed issue.  If you have a lot of stuff on a single USB
port, the bandwidth gets shared between all those devices and can cause
a problem.  I've run into this with USB cameras, too.

Well it's working but I'm d---ed if I know why. Doncha hate it when it does like that?

I didn't have it connected during install. Guess I was assuming it would autodetect like most USB devices are starting to. However, I did reboot, again, and after that it works. I've been running with no other USB devices connected at all just in case but thanks for that suggestion.

Guess I'll have to keep poking at it with a sharp(er) intellect and see what I can find out, if anything.

Thanks for the suggestions offered. If anything conclusive shows up, I'll report back.

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