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Wrong "Application Not Responding" Dialogs When Closing Applications


I have encountered a problem since I upgraded from FC4 to FC5 where a
Warning dialog box would come up saying something like

  "The window 'blah blah blah' is not responding.
   Forcing this application to quit will cause you to
   lose any unsaved changes."

whenever I try to close an application and the application is taking
some time to close down.

For example,  if I open GEdit, type a character, and then click on the
close ('X') button, the warning dialog mentioned above would pop up
less than a second after the "You haven't saved the document.  Do you
want to save the document?" dialog pops up..

As another example, sometimes, when I click on the close ('X') button
on Thunderbird, and Thunderbird needs to do some time consuming
clean-up work (like expunge deleted emails on an IMAP server), the
above mentioned warning dialog box would pop up briefly and then go
away when Thunderbird is done with the time consuming task.

There are two problems here:

1. The warning dialog should never have popped up in the GEdit example.
2. The warning dialog should not have popped up so early in the
Thunderbird example.

I'm just wondering if this behavior is cause by me not doing a clean
install or if anybody else have experienced similar problems.

(Red Hat people, don't tell me this is the simplified behavior by
design, like you did when I asked about the weird TrashCan behavior a
couple of weeks ago.  Tell me how to fix the problem.)

Weiqi Gao (高为奇)
weiqigao gmail com

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