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Re: [fc5] I seem to have misplaced a few MHz

Michael A. Peters wrote:

Does anyone know what might be causing this?
The CPU itself does support throttling (wanted when not connected to AC
power) - and it seems that something is in fact causing it to throttle,

'Throttling' seems to be used in this context to refer to modulating the clock with PWM. So the clock remains at whatever high speed, but is silenced for some period, eg, 50% throttling turns the fast clock off for half the time. The PWM modulation happens at 1kHz IIRC so the net effect of it feels like a reduction in the clock speed. But the point is while throttling is active you see your CPU clock at its high speed.

if memory serves - 550MHz is what it throttles to when I disconnect it
from AC - but now, I've told the bios to use maximum performance under
all conditions and I'm not getting the full CPU speed which the kernel
does correctly detect.

Any suggestions? This hardware is slow enough as it is ;)

service cpuspeed stop

see if that helps.


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