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Hotplugging USB sccanner in FC5, device not detected

I tried this in the previous thread but perhaps it was to buried in the thread to be picked up on. One more time and I'll leave everyone in peace.

When I plug in my Canon LiDE 30 USB scanner into my FC5 box and fire up Xsane, it announces that it cannot find a scanner. However, if I leave it plugged in, logout, and log back in, then Xsane finds the scanner and every thing works swimmingly. Under FC3 it does not seem to matter. Hot plugging the scanner works fine.

Can anyone shed light on why the "hot plug" capability is not working for FC5? I did notice the "hot plug" scripts are gone but I assumed that was because UDEV (or HAL, or something else) was suppose to take care of this.

Any assistance or enlightenment would be appreciated. Is there a good tutorial on UDEV etc. that might tell me what is suppose to take place so I can attempt a debug?

Thank you,

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