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Re: New prob, no music player works on this lappy.

Gene Heskett wrote:
On Thursday 27 April 2006 18:45, Mark Haney wrote:

Gene Heskett wrote:


HP laptop, dv5320us, light scribe cd/dvd writer drive.  FC5-i386

When I insert an audio cd, it eventially asks me what I want to do I
clicked on play.  But that app, although it goes thru the motions (I
think it was Kscd) is silent, and none of the input switches and
buttons in kmix will do anything but bring up circuit noise, no
audio seems to be making it from the cd reader to the rest of the

When I looked in /media to see if hal or udev had created a device
there, it had not done so.

grip, noatun and a couple other apps are all similarly blessed with

Any good ideas as to what to check next?

Just for fun, have you looked at alsamixer?  I've found that to be off
in every laptop I've ever setup.

Most of it was on, and now all of it is.
Alsamixer reports it as an ATI IXP with a chip=conexant id 30
How do I change the 'view' to either capture or all? Ahh, got that, F5 and its all on & cranked. Nothing but circuit noises in the headphones & nothing in the speakers. All the kde noisemakers work just fine.

Mark Haney
Sr. Systems Administrator
ERC Broadband

I don't use kde but on any laptop that I have installed FC on, I had to turn on the "External Amplifier" switch in Gnome Volume Control. It took me a few days to find that one.

Robin Laing

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