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Re: Upgrading to FC5

Jim Lowman wrote:
> I've been running FC4 on a dedicated AMD64 box, and also on a laptop,
> and have downloaded and burned the ISOs for both the i386 and AMD64
> versions of FC5.
> Is it always recommended to do a clean install,

If you *want* to go AMD64 -> i386, or the other way around, then yes.

I upgraded FC4 on AMD64 to FC5, and have had no problems (that I
wouldn't have had anyway...)

> Between versions I use yum upgrade to stay current.
> Do I really need to download and install the newer
> version of FC?

If the computer is connected to the Internet (which you say it is), then
yes. Otherwise you won't get any security updates (eventually).

Support for FC4 for AMD64 is currently expected to end on 12 July, with
the release of FC6 Test 2. (See
http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Core/Schedule for the latest schedule).
Fedora Legacy does not yet support AMD64.

Hope this helps,


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                      |     -- Peter Corlett

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