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Re: Evolution mystery

Aaron Konstam wrote:
> Well that is a bummer. Not being able to forward a message complete with
> attachments is very handy. If evolution does not can nay one suggest a
> mail client that does it?
> However, I have a plan. It seems to me that yo could configure mutt to
> use the same mail boxes as evelution. Then bouncing would be possible,

>From my experience, the best way of doing this is to use IMAP folders.
That way you don't have to worry about Evolution squirrelling away the
mail somewhere it wants, but leaves it on the IMAP server. It also makes
life a lot easier if you want to play with different e-mail clients --
you can use umpteen different mail clients, and the e-mail will always
be in the right place.

Not that setting up IMAP was that easy -- Dovecot wouldn't see my
Maildir folders. Eventually I worked out that this was because it
insisted on having *hidden* folders -- all folder names had to start
with a dot. Otherwise I could have just left IMAP for graphical clients,
and used mutt's built-in Maildir support.

Incidentally, flagging is possible in mutt -- I use it all the time, if
I see a list e-mail I might want to have a go at answering, but don't
feel like right now, or if I want to see if someone who knows more about
that topic will comment.

I believe it's F in the default key-binding.

Hope this helps,


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