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Re: Laptop Display problems

On 4/29/06, Annette T Robart <ARobart hughes net> wrote:

 Hi there, please excuse me; I am totally new to this product.  I have installed FC1 to my desktop with absolutely no problems.  It came with my textbook for my Unix class.  Now I am trying to install it on an extra laptop that I don't use.  It was a new hard drive so it is the only thing on it. It is an IBM A21P 850Mhz, with 512 ram and a 15 inch monitor.  It installs fine, but it stops at the monitor and I'm not sure what to pick?? I don't see anything in the documentation and nothing in the BIOS. I guessed a couple times and when it boots up the X window fails. I get "bad mode clock/interface", hsync out of range, fatal error, no screens found.

Does anyone know what I should pick for a monitor and what range I should pick?

Thanks so much!


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Try these websites.  They might give you the answers you are looking for.

They are all from different distributions, but the settings should be close to what Fedora Has.
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