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Re: Laptop Display problems

On Sat, 29 Apr 2006, Michael A. Peters wrote:

On Sat, 2006-04-29 at 08:37 -0400, Terry Snyder wrote:
On 4/29/06, Annette T Robart <ARobart hughes net> wrote:
         Hi there, please excuse me; I am totally new to this
        product.  I have installed FC1 to my desktop with absolutely
        no problems.  It came with my textbook for my Unix class.  Now
        I am trying to install it on an extra laptop that I don't use.
        It was a new hard drive so it is the only thing on it. It is
        an IBM A21P 850Mhz, with 512 ram and a 15 inch monitor.  It
        installs fine, but it stops at the monitor and I'm not sure
        what to pick?? I don't see anything in the documentation and
        nothing in the BIOS. I guessed a couple times and when it
        boots up the X window fails. I get "bad mode clock/interface",
        hsync out of range, fatal error, no screens found.

        Does anyone know what I should pick for a monitor and what
        range I should pick?

        Thanks so much!


Hi and welcome to Fedora.

Om my IBM Thinkpad T20 - I use Generic LCD at 1024x768 as the monitor -
and it works.

I believe the 1024x768 Thinkpad display is an "IBM 9514-B TFT Panel". That's what I use on m T41.

That being said - Fedora Core 1 is really old and no longer supported.
I suggest you get a copy of Fedora Core 4 or Fedora Core 5 and try that.

Note that installing FC5 on my Thinkpad T20 was a little tricky, FC4
installs just dandy - both are currently supported with official
updates. FC5 might install as intended for you though, I don't know.

I do not recommend using FC1 at this point in time.


		Matthew Saltzman

Clemson University Math Sciences
mjs AT clemson DOT edu

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