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Re: azureus -- FC4

Robin Laing wrote:
Ed Greshko wrote:
Gowri Satish Adimulam wrote:

I am trying to download some files using torrents ( using azureus
but iam getting some error like ,
Distributed data base UDP port mapping ( NAT/firewalled).

at below of azureus clientit is showing DHT firewalled  .
Any help is appreciated.

Unblock both TCP and UDP traffic for the port listed under

It could also be your ISP blocking that port. You may have to try a different port. If you look at the Azureus WWW site, you will find the answers to most of the questions. Pretty good at explaining how to open and test for working ports.
If you are behind a NAT router (many home dsl/cable setups), it will likely be blocking all incoming traffic. You would need to set up a port forward for TCP and another for UDP for the port number you would like to use in azureus (anything above 10000 or so). Also, you would need to allow these same ports inbound through your FC4's iptables firewall via System Admin Security and Firewall.

Then try the azureus firewall test to see if you succeeded :)


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