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Re: Konsole color highlighting

Paul Lemmons wrote:
What causes a konsole session to show or not show colors? I have one machine that "ls" will show color coded files and vi will show syntax highlighted text. On another machine everything is green.
Is vi an alias for vim/gvim? Which Fedora version?

I believe that in both cases this is due to configuration (either default or user specific). I'm not a KDE user but for a CLI window, bash reads and includes the contents of /etc/profile.d/colorls.sh which defines the colors used for ls. For GVIM, the colors I believe are dependent on whether you are running console (vim) or gui (gvim). I don't think console vim has color ability (that may have changed for later versions of vim, though). Start gvim and do :help syntax and you can start to learn all about it. In vim/gvim you can do a :version command and it will tell you where the initialization files are. You typically have to have "syntax on" in one of the startup gvimrc files for the color highlights to work (check out :help gvimrc). Some systems have this set up by default, others do not.

I'm sure there are others here that can give you a lot more detail.

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