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Re: nvidia vs kmod-nvidia

On 12/10/06, spmirowski <spmirowski shaw ca> wrote:

> It would be silly to expect a nVidia to support a few distros
> specifically with
> packages.  To support FC, they would need to build at least two version
> (5 and 6)
> then 586, or 686 kernels, plus SMP, etc.  Now add a couple more popular
> distros
> and you have what 10 - 20 builds per driver version?  What about the
> near most
> popular distros.  They will whine and cry foul.

I guess you never used or do not remember how quirky the installation
process was before Nvidia created the unified installer that they use

They *DID* create "10-20 builds per driver version" - MORE. In fact
there were 2 rpms to install. I used this between RH7.2 till RH9(?) I


Ya, I did forget the old system. Makes the new unified version seem all that much
better.  Funny, Livna brings the system back to two files =)


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