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Re: Old 486 computer & external CD reader advice needed

On Wed, 1 Feb 2006, Thomas Taylor wrote:

On Wednesday 01 February 2006 00:25, Rickey Moore wrote:
Thomas Taylor <linxt comcast net> wrote: Hi All:

The bus
structure is ISA with room for two cards.

not sure if it would work as the BIOS doesn't allow booting from anything
except the floppy or hard drive.
How about installing to an old cast-off HD on another machine, and then
transfering that drive to this machine? Good ole 486 ought to run faster
with Linux on it than Winblows. I used a 486/66 with 16 megs of memory to
service 4 modems, two 8 serial port dickens terminal servers which had a
collection of terminals, XT's and 286's running procomm. One day I had
about 12 users on the terminals and all 4 modems lit up with users, all
playing in nightmare mud OS, and running editors, and I cranked up Doom II
on the server. It was slow as heck, but the fact that it ran at all was
pretty great! Enjoy dinking around with it!

The harddrive install ought to work... Ric

snip <<<<<

Thanks to all you guys who replied.  Some good suggestions that I will play
with as time allows and get back with the results when I have any.

I've tried this before, and that was about the only way to do it. However, running with the wrong arch kernel, glibc, etc may pose a problem. I couldn't do it with FC3 with i686 to i586, everything would segfault.

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