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Re: cups-pdf && SELinux problem running

Yes, cups-pdf is a "virtual printer" thar prints the ouput into pdf files. That pdf files are saved by cups-pdf into user's home directory.

As you said fine, I need to allow cups to write into that directories (including /root) or into a $HOME/cups-pdf-docs directory to disallow cups all control over $HOME directory.

If I remember well, cups is launched as root user (where a test I had done some days ago because were a "cups-pdf" prerrequisite - don't remember now).

How can I solve the issue with home directories?

If anybody knows how to, I would like to solve the problem in this form:
1) Allowing cups writing into home directories or especific subdirectory into $HOME. 2) Enablilng SELinux as restrictive I can (is my laptop and I want to learn a more about SELinux and apps issues.


Daniel J Walsh escribió:

Samuel Díaz García wrote:

Dear Guys, I had working in run cups-pdf and it works with SELinux disables or relaxed, but ... cups-pdf don't works with SELinux "enforced".

Anyone who know better than me the "SELinux" architecture could help me with this problem?

I attach the audit.log latter in the conversation with cups-pdf developers.

Could anyone help saying what I need to configure in SELinux (and how) to allow cupspdf works with SELinux?


Ok what is cups trying to do? Does it want to write the users home directory?
Cups is usually prevented from touching userspace.

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