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Re: Finding files containing 'string'

On Wed, 1 Feb 2006 16:42:19 +0000
Anne Wilson <cannewilson tiscali co uk> wrote:

> I need to list all files that refer to my network-name, but I can't work 
> out a command to do it.  I thought I would have to cat everything, 
> piping through grep 'string', but that doesn't search recursively, the 
> help-file doesn't show a recursive flag, and I'm not sure that it would 
> actually give me the filenames anyway.
> Help, please?
> Anne
> -- 
> Registered Linux User No.293302 (http://counter.li.org/)


   find $startpoint -type f -exec grep -l $network-name {} \;

  Change $startpoint to whatever place in the directory tree that you want to
begin the search or cd to that place and use "." as the startpoint. Change
$network-name to the string that you want to look for.


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